The cohesive diagnosis of men ii. The likelihood of getting the various endocrine disorders associated with men ii increases with age. viagra for sale generic viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra viagra online for sale buy viagra online viagra online Most people have at least one overactive gland by the age of 30 with symptoms holding off until they are older than 30. If one gland is affected, doctors should check the other glands for abnormalities, even if there are no symptoms. Patients who have the men ii gene, which can be assessed at any age, should have their thyroid gland surgically removed while they are in their early to mid-teen years because of the high incidence of thyroid cancer. Those who should be tested for the men ii gene are those with a parent with the disease. It doesn't certainly need to be tested for in everyone because it is so rare, even if the person has one gland affected by an adenoma. Men i and men ii are completely different disorders with different genes involved. There is no cure for men ii; however, with removal of the thyroid gland early in life, the risk of cancer of the thyroid can be eliminated. Because men ii is hereditary, it can only be prevented in future generations by not having children if you have the disease. In the future, genetic enhancements can be done to change the way the men ii gene works but research is a long way from that. The diagnosis of men ii is twofold. First you need a diagnosis to see if the person has the men ii gene. Then you need tests for hyperactivity of the affected glands. The test for the men ii gene is complex but can be done at specialized laboratories. Those with a strong family history of men ii should be genetically tested for the disease. If you are positive for the men ii gene, you should have your parathyroid hormone level checked to make sure you don't have overactive parathyroid glands. If the hormone level is high, you need to consider having the parathyroid glands removed. They can also be removed at the time of the removal of the thyroid gland, because they are imbedded in the thyroid gland. You wi. where to buy viagra in glasgow